The Outreach Committee is a caring group of people who help in both our local community and internationally. Through our Helping Hands Fund, those in our congregation or local community in need are provided with support in times of strife. If you know someone who could benefit from a helping hand,                         .

In addition to the Helping Hands Fund, the Outreach Committee supports the Bridges Homeless Shelter by organizing and executing a ham and scalloped potato dinner. This year's dinner is March 15th. If you or someone you know would like to help out or make a donation,                       .

The Cambridge Food Bank is also supported by the Outreach Committee.The committee holds weekly food drives, spring and fall food drives, and a White Gift Service at Christmas. In 2016, 1101 lbs of food were donated!

Fundraisers for international organizations are held throughout the year. In 2016, the Outreach committee ran a fundraiser for the month of May in support of FullSoul, an organization dedicated to providing supplies to expectant mothers. They raised a total of $550. 

The Advent fundraiser for 2016 was $cholarships for $tudents, in support of the Kenyan Kids Foundation of Canada for early years and literacy pre-school and scholarships for grades 1-3. Approximately 11 scholarships were funded with $1075 raised.

The committee warmly welcomes any new members or ideas.

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