Emergency Response: COVID-19 fundraiser.

The United Church's "Gifts with Vision" is raising money to buy vaccines for countries where they are in short supply. The Fundraiser is called "Emergency Response: COVID-19" and the Saint Luke's Outreach Team is hoping that you will be as energized by this fundraiser as we are!

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Bridge the Gap on Hunger

The Saint Luke's Outreach Team would like to express their heartfelt "Thanks" to everyone who donated to the Fundraiser, "Bridge the Gap on Hunger". The Fundraiser has now ended, the donations have been tallied and we're pleased to announce that we raised $1,055 for the "Bridges Cambridge Shelter".


We informed the Bridges of the amount that Saint Luke's raised for them and they wanted us to express their sincere gratitude to the congregation for your generosity. 


Great work following the teachings shown in Hebrews 13:16. "Do not forget to do good and to help one another, because these are the sacrifices that please God".  There is no doubt that God is very pleased this day.


Thank you for all you do.

The Outreach Team of Saint Luke's United Church.

Life-Line to Lebanon Fundraiser:  The families in Lebanon would like to extend their heart-felt thanks to the congregants of Saint Luke's and Trillium for your overwhelming support during this anxious  time.

The fundraiser raised $3,435 from EACH congregation, enough to provide 2 families with food for one year, plus airfare for one set of parents to come to Canada and leave the immense destruction behind.  Thank you for all that you do for others.

The Saint Luke's Christmas Fundraiser is supporting Mission & Service:   Imagine families living in a refugee camp with minimal rights to work, or own property.  Imagine their desperation, seeing no end to the cycle of poverty and violence that is their lives.  Mission & Service is there to help change that.

When the worst disasters threaten the most vulnerable, such as when Beirut was devastated by the tragic explosion in August, Mission & Service was there. With the guidance of their partners on site, they are able to respond quickly to crises around the world, helping their partners bring food, shelter, health and sanitation to people who have lost so much.

Thank you,

Your Outreach Team

The Outreach Committee is a caring group of people who help in both our local community and internationally. Through our Helping Hands Fund, those in our congregation or local community in need are provided with support in times of strife. If you know someone who could benefit from a helping hand,                         .

In addition to the Helping Hands Fund, the Outreach Committee supports the Bridges Homeless Shelter by organizing and executing a ham and scalloped potato dinner. If you or someone you know would like to help out or make a donation,                       .

The Cambridge Food Bank is also supported by the Outreach Committee. The committee holds weekly food drives, spring and fall food drives, and a White Gift Service at Christmas.  Due to Covid19, the Cambridge Food Bank prefers a monetary donation for 2020. 

Fundraisers for international organizations are held throughout the year.  The Life-Line to Lebanon Fundraiser raised $3,435.00 to help the families of our newcomers with food for a year and purchasing two plane tickets for the parents of the newcomer family to get them out of Beirut and bring them to Canada.

Together United Churches across Canada accomplish three goals: save lives, inspire purpose, and build a better world.  You can donate, as you are able, by cheque made out to Saint Luke's United Church, or an e-transfer to saintlukesunited@gmail.com.  Either way, add a message that your donation is for the Mission & Service Fundraiser.

The committee warmly welcomes any new members or ideas.