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United Church Women


The United Church Women, or UCW as it is more commonly known is a group of women dedicated to fellowship, worship, and community engagement both locally and in the greater world. They meet on the third Wednesday at 2:00 pm of each month September through June. They gather together for a pot luck dinner in June and September on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:15 pm.

Outreach commitments are made to support Saint Luke's Church, United Church of Canada Mission and Service, United College at the University of Waterloo and Camp Meneseung, located in the Goderich area.

In addition to providing fellowship for the women of the church and fundraising for outside organizations, the UCW caters birthday and anniversary parties, funeral receptions, and other events at the church. 

Since our recent renovations, we now have a commercial kitchen available to host community events.  We welcome all ladies of the congregation.

Urge to Purge2024

Urge to Purge Results - 2024

On a beautiful Saturday morning, June 1st, we delivered our haul of Urge to Purge treasures to Value Village.

Our expert crew were able to load all 136 bags of soft goods (2182 lbs), 90 boxes of housewares (1374 lbs) and 65 boxes of very heavy books (1814 lbs).  Oh yes, and 4 odds and ends in a matter of 45 minutes!  Well done!! This was a total of 5,370 lbs.


Value Village was extremely pleased with our excellent sorting and packing as it made their job much easier.  The UCW have earned $805.40 for their efforts.

A huge thank you to everyone who promoted, donated, sorted, loaded and delivered goods.  We must not forget the cleanup crew charged with breaking down any unused boxes and getting rid of any garbage.

Urge to Purge Results - 2023

Thank you to everyone who supported our "Urge to Purge" challenge!   We collected a total of 4,771 lbs. of goods.

Clothing and textiles - 2220 lbs.

Housewares - 1439 lbs.

Books - 1112 lbs.

Other large items - 21 pieces

We raised $900.15 for the UCW to continue their work within the church and wider community!

(details: $700.15 plus $200 in bonus for over 1,000 lbs. each in household goods and books!)

Urge to Purge Results - 2022

Congratulations to everyone who supported our "Urge to Purge" challenge!  Thank you for your support.  We collected a total of 4861 lbs of goods.

Clothing and textiles - 3186 lbs

Housewares - 1489 lbs

Books - 176 lbs

We have raised $733.62 for the UCW to continue their work within the church and wider community!


Happy Retirement Marie

The UCW presented Marie McKellar with a gift of roses to acknowledge her 29 years (1989 - 2018) as treasurer.  Happy Retirement Marie and thanks for all that you did!!

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